The professional, the one who knows everything.

Turki Alaseed
Marketing Manager

Octopus, He can work on 5 task at the same minute.

Abdullah Alzahrani

Qualified, Flexible, the greatest planner.

Dona Ahmed
Legal Advisor

Formal, Not all lawyers are as scrupulous as he is.

Majed Alsaeed
Finance Manager

The calculator, he never miss a number.

Nasser Alsubaie
Executive Manager

Proactive, also the only one who will put himself out for you.

Khalid Alsaeed
Operation Manager

The maestro, He never make mistakes.

Ahmed Mustafa
Operation Executive

The sweetest, the best service you will ever get.

Amro Tawfiq
Tour Manager

Finisher, She gets everything perfectly done.

Mariam Murshed
Logistic Manager

you can always count on him.

Mutaeb Alshaiq
Tour Manager

The funny guy, he loves what he does.

Salman Alshudoukhi
Activities Executive

Disneyland, harmonious with all races and ages.

Hifa Mohammed
Event Manager

The Authority for Entertainment, hang out with her to have the most funny day in your life.

Administrative Manager

The flash, always better than the day before.

Naif Azab


Tour Guide

The first lady tour guide who trains new tour guides now ! Great storyteller, flexible, always ready with a plan B.

English - French - Arabic


Abir Abusulayman
Tour Guide

Only positive vibes, over his +300 tours. Original, generous as his home (Hail) is known. He also reads Thamodic font !

English - Arabic


Fraih Alshamari
Tour Guide

Bachelor Degree in Tourism Guidance, STGA member. Proactive and quite gentle, attract your attention with amazing informations.

English - Arabic


Saleh Alsaif
Tour Guide

One of the First licensed guides in Tabuk, History lover. Creative, surprising, knows all the information you ask about.

English - Arabic


Wael Alnaser
Tour Guide

10 Years Guided tours, all nationalities and ages ! He became an expert with that. Leader, flexible, cares the most about providing you the local experience.

English - Arabic - Italian


Khalid Sherbi
Tour Guide

Super professional tour guide, STGA board member. Of the old school. The one who will give you an original local experience.

English - Arabic


Salman Aldawas

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