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Masmak fortress | historical city of Ad Dir'iya | Abha Dam Lake  Abha High City | Baskat Market | Civilizations Museum Shada Palace | AlUkhdud Archaeological Site  | Dagger Souq | Sea Cruise | Farasan Island | Mangrove Forests | Turks Castle | Tourist Edge Marina | Al Disah Valley | Marid Castle | Omar Mosque | Al-Jouf Museum of Archaeology and Folklore | Jubbah Rock carvings | Elephant Rock | Madain Saleh | Battle of the Trench Area | Altaybat city | Rose Farm - perfume factory | Cable Cars


Day 1 Riyadh City

·           Pick Up from  Riyadh Airport or Pickup point ​

·           Arrive and enjoy visit Masmak fortress  &  Al Dira Souk (old bazaar)​

·           Drive to King Abdulaziz historical center and visit National Museum ​

·           Visit Kingdom tower ​

·           Have Dinner in a restaurant​

·           Drive to the hotel accommodation & overnight

Day 2 From Riyadh to Abha

·           Morning Breakfast in the hotel accommodatio​

·           Proceed for visit to historical city of Ad Dir’iyah ( If Open )​

·           Lunch box in Route to Airport ​

·           Arrival Riyadh Airport to fly to Abha  ​

·           Drive to visit Abha Dam Lake, Abha High City, Green Mountains & Muftaha Village Art Gallery ​

·           Have a Dinner in a restaurant​

·           Drive to in the hotel accommodation & Overnight

Day 3 From Abha to Najran 

·           Morning Breakfast in the hotel accommodation​

·           Firstly, Visit  Baskets Market, Civilizations, Museum , Shada Palace​

·           Enjoy lunch in local restaurant​

·           Drive to Najran ​

·           In Route , visit Khamis Mushayt( About 35 KM )​

·           Continue Driving to Najran ( 235 KM)​

·           Have a Dinner in a restaurant​

·           Drive to hotel accommodation & Overnight

Day 4 From Najran To Jazan

·           Morning, Breakfast in the hotel ​

·           Drive to visit , Raom Castle  ,  Al Aan Palace ​

·           Then visit  AlUkhdud Archaeological Site   , Dagger Souq  , Dancing fountain​

·           Enjoy lunch in local restaurant ​

·           Drive to Jizan ( 340 KM ) ​

·           Arrive & Have a Dinner &  Move to hotel accommodation & Overnight


Day 5 Jazan ( Farasan Island )

·           Waking up early and preparing to leave to Farasn island , Drive to Jazan port to take Ferry or Felucca )Boat ) as available to transfer to Farasan Island ​

·           Arrive & Waiting to move to farasan island  ( 07:00 AM )​

·           Arrive to Farasan island port & Drive to marina location ​

·           Start the sea cruise using cruise boats with safety instruction -Snacks & fruits well be packed​

·           Arrive to al Qandal mangrove forests and enjoy with breathtaking views​

·           Reach to the island and start (water activities) fishing & snorkeling  ​

·           Expected time to have a   lunch on the island  ​

·           Proceed activities & discover the island  ​

·           Drive back to Farasan island  & Have a Dinner in a restaurant​

·           Then drive back to hotel accommodation 


Day 6: From Jazan To Tabuk

·           Morning , Breakfast in the hotel accommodation​

·           Drive Farasan island port to transfer to Jazan  ​

·           Arrive & move to visit Heritage Village Museum , Castle Roundabout  ​

·           Then visit, Turks Castle , Tourist Edge Marina  ​

·           Enjoy  lunch ​

·           Move to visit North Corniche Park​

·           Transfer to Jazan airport to fly to Tabuk  ​

·           Arrive & Have  Dinner & Move to hotel accommodation

Day 7 Discover Disah Valley

·           Morning , Breakfast in the hotel  ​

·           Arrive to Al Shag Area in Tabuk  ( About 80 KM )​

·           Drive to Al Disah Valley (about 200 km) ​

·           Arrive to the valley and Enjoy the spectacular scenery and nature  ​

·           Have a Lunch

·           Visit the remains of walls containing Nabataean and Arabic writings in Kufic script ​

·           Move to have a Dinner in a restaurant​

·           Drive back to hotel accommodation & Overnight 

Day 8 From Tabuk to Al Jouf

·           Breakfast in the hotel accommodation​

·           Drive to Al Jowf  ( About 365 KM )​

·           Arrive and enjoy visit Zaabal fortress  , Rajajil Columns

·           Heading to have lunch in   restaurant​

·           Proceed for visit to Dumat Al Jundal   (50 KM)​

·           Drive to visit Marid Castle ,  Omar Mosque , Al-Jouf Museum of Archaeology and Folklore​

·           Proceed for Lake Dumat Al Jandal​

·           Drive back to Sakkakah & have a Dinner in  restaurant​

·           Drive to Hotel accommodation & Overnight  

Day 9 From Jouf To Hail

·           Breakfast in the hotel accommodation ​

·           Drive to  Hail ( About 395 KM )​

·           En Route, Proceed for excursion to  Jubbah Rock carvings   ( about 270 KM )​

·           Heading to have lunch in   restaurant​

·           Drive to visit Qishla fortress   ,  A'arif fort​

·           Then move to visit  Popular market Hail     ,  Jabal As Samra ​

·           Have a Dinner in restaurant​

·           Drive to Hotel accommodation & Overnight 


Day 10 From Hail To Al Ula

·           Breakfast in the hotel accommodation  ​

·           Drive to  Al Ula  ( About 440KM ) ​

·           Arrive Al Ula then Visit Elephant Rock​

·           Time to have a  Lunch in local Restaurant ​

·           Drive To Visit Abu Raeid Museum (Intriguing archaeological items & the area culture)​

·           Discover the desert by comfortable 4x4 safari and relax at a desert campsite as the sun sets ​

·           Drive to Jabal Al raqssat (contains a wide variety of rock inscriptions also the religious) ​

·           Have a hot dinner ​

·           Drive to Camp accommodation & Overnight 

Day 11 Al Ula ( Madain Saleh )

·           Breakfast in the hotel accommodation ​

·           Drive to visit  Madain Saleh ​

·           Arrive Al Ula then visit Madain Saleh ( Al hijaz Railway, Qasr Al Bint, Qasr Al Farid, Jabal Okmeh, Jabal Alkhraibeh, Dadan Blach Cemetery)​

·           Have a Lunch in  good restaurant in Winter Park ​

·           Drive to Old City and see The amazing view for al Ula city from the top of the highest mountain ​

·           Have a hot dinner ​

·           Drive to Camp accommodation & Overnight 


Day 12 Medinah City Tour

·           Breakfast in Camp accommodation  ​

·           Drive to Madinah  ( About 320 KM )​

·           Arrive , Firstly Visit  Uhud Mountain​

·           Afternoon, Have lunch in Restaurant 

·           Then move to visit  Sela Mountain , Battle of the Trench Area​

·           Continue to visit The Seven Mosques , Masjid, Al Qiblatayn , Quba Mosque​

·           Have a Dinner​

·           Drive to Hotel accommodation & Overnight 


Day 13 Jeddah City Tour

·           Morning Breakfast in the hotel accommodation ​

·           Then transfer to Madinah Airport to fly to Jeddah  ​

·           Arrival , then Enjoy lunch in a restaurant ​

·           Move to Historical Area tour including Naseef house​

·           Drive to Alalawi traditional market which is the historical area ​

·           Move to Open Jeddah Museum, Jeddah Fountain  ​

·           Then head to Altaybat city ( Abdulraouf Khalil Museum )​

·           Have a Dinner in restaurant ​

·           Drive to Hotel accommodation & Overnight  ​

Day 14 Taif City Tour

·           Morning Breakfast in the hotel accommodation ​

·           Drive to Taif  ( About 175 KM )​

·           Arrive Enjoying the majestic panoramic view of al Hada mountains​

(Fruit Market – Panoramic over view - Baboons )  ​

·           Move to Rose Farm/ perfume factory​

·           Drive to Sharif Museum ​

·           Enjoy lunch at a very nice place ​

·           Drive back to hotel for rest ​

·           Enjoying the view of mountains By cable cars that passing through the road Al Kurr Tourist village​

·           Time to have coffee / tea then have dinner & drive back to Jeddah​

·           Arrive & move to hotel accommodation & Overnight  

Day 15 Back to Jeddah City

·           Morning Breakfast in the hotel accommodation ​

·           Head to Jeddah new corniche To visit Floating Mosque , Jeddah sign​

( Photo Stop )​

·           Transfer to Jeddah Airport for departure  


VIP Details

Difference between VIP & Standard


  Accommodation 5 * Hotels on Twin Sharing basis with Breakfast

  Transportation by luxury GMC Cars High Model

  Professional English-Speaking Saudi Tourist Guide

  Fully day meals as program (Lunch & Dinner at Luxury restaurants).

  Luxury Snacks & Drinks during tours.


  Accommodation 4 * Hotels on Twin Sharing basis with Breakfast

  Transportation by GMC Cars

  Professional Arabic-Speaking Saudi Tourist Guide

  If you need Professional English-Speaking Saudi Tourist Guide 220 $ Per Day

  Fully day meals as program (Lunch & Dinner at traditional restaurants).

  Snacks & Drinks during tours.


  • This Package is subject to Saudi MT rules and regulations ​​
  • This package is changeable upon request​​
  • The appropriate shoes and clothes must be worn according to the nature of the place being visited​​
  • Beach wear must be brought during the cruise trips​​
  •  Entry of Madain Saleh, Elephant Rock , Diriyah subject to instructions of the tourism authority any time ​​
  • Kindly be informed that we are not holding any rooms so the above mentioned will be subject to availability at the time of actual booking and given rates may change  Please be informed that the above-mentioned rates are not valid during Official holidays such as Eid al-Adha, Eid al-Fitr, Spring, and New Year holidays​​
  • It is also possible that some of the attractions referred to in the program are not available at the time of implementation, so another option will be available to visit according to the instructions of the tour guide accompanying the group         ​​
  •  If you want to change any of the program’s attractions, please inform us 48 hours before the start of the trip​
  • No change to the program is permitted during implementation except after the approval of the tour guide accompanying the group ​


Include / Exclude


•14 nights Hotel Accommodation on Twin Sharing basis with Breakfast


•Professional Saudi Tourist Guide.

•Fully day meals as program (Lunch &  Dinner at restaurant).

•Snacks & Drinks during tours.

• 06 Hours Boat Trip at Farasan Island with all equipment

•Entrance Fees.




X   Domestic Airfare

X  Travel Insurance.

X  Items of personal nature

X  Visa




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