The traditional Sadu industry

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The craft of weaving wool, known as the "Sadu" industry, is one of the ancient traditional crafts that were widespread in the Badia and still popular, due to its association with the abundance of the raw material of sheep wool, camel hair, goat hair and cotton. “Sadu” has multiple uses for the Bedouin, as it is the main element in the formation of their houses, which can be transferred easily, which commensurate with the conditions of their environment and life. The Sadu industry depends on the effort of women in the first place, and through it, they expresses ancient artistic traditions of the depth of history. Where the Bedouin woman masters the decoration and inscription of "Sadu" with dense inscriptions, which has different symbols and meanings that the Bedouin people perceive and know the values of them, and the "Sadu" is distinguished by its varied bright colors and beautiful decorations that has different social connotations, inspired by the nature of the people of the desert. This craft is still important in the Gulf countries and has not disappeared, as happened to many other crafts. Here, you will have a close watch of the local industry by the hands of authentic locals, who inherited this industry from their fathers to preserve their heritage.


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