Riyadh folklore "Al-Ardah"

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The Saudi Ardha is considered a heritage treasure for the country. Events and forums across the Saudi regions since the unification of the country in 1932 until today have helped making Alardha hold the conclusion of any celebration, which strengthened its presence among the various generations, and opened the writers' appetite to build write stories and take go into researches about its depths, and the extent of its impact. The Saudi Arda comes as an icon of folklore, which the Najd region is famous for. And was recently included in the list of the World Intangible Heritage of the International Organization for Education, Science and Culture «UNESCO», in addition to the establishment of Dedicated schools Teach this folk dance. The ardha is performed in a row or more in which the men stand shoulder to shoulder, and in the middle of them is the bearer of the "flag of the Saudi". It ends with the obligatory collective appeal "under the banner of my master, we will obeyed", which affirms loyalty to the land and the leader. Folk dance is an integral part of the culture of every region, enjoy this authentic cultural experience.


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