Making coffee in coffee Farm

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On the slopes of high mountains in southern Saudi Arabia, the terraces of the Baladi coffee cultivation, which were famous since ancient times, come to life again after climatic, geographical and human conditions dried up the veins of its trees and caused the death of thousands of them. It's one of the most important economic resources for the inhabitants of these mountains throughout the ages. Who got deep in the history of coffee notes that the habit of drinking it began before thousands of years BC. Because of its importance in those ages, one of the first names given to it was "the nectar of the gods", as well as those who say that it was called Kaafa and this name is Ethiopian. Take part in coffee seasons by preparing your own cup of coffee from step A to enjoying the last drop of it.


This experience can be added to your package upon request (During Jan -Feb can be prepared in the farm) OR: only visiting the farm

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