Playing Rubabah

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The rababa is a musical instrument which its melodies stir the emotions and feelings of the Bedouins in the Gulf countries and the Levant. It was known for its frequent use by poets, which is a prominent feature in the houses of sheikhs in the Badia. The secret of the Badia people’s attachment to this machine is that it is compatible with the nature of the desert in terms of its manufacture and its suitability for the desert climate. It is widely used in the daily evenings, where a skilled person plays the rababa to entertain the attendees and sings, along with the playing, poems that expresses generosity, chivalry and pride in the clan, protect the neighbor, respond to oppression and aggression, and call for tolerance and serenity between tribes and clans. Listen and enjoy the sound of the Badia, nothing make your cultural experience richer as music does.


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